Human center design

Human-Centered Design for Human Resources (HR) - Part 1

Human Resources (HR) departments often find themselves overwhelmed with administrative tasks and limited resources. It’s time to shift from a tactical mindset to implementing a strategic methodology. Human-Centered Design (HCD) offers a method that helps HR create solutions. Learn more!
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AI Meets the Employee Handbook: How to Re-Think Compliance to Match Your Employer Brand

Imagine a handbook that acts as a coach rather than a rule enforcer, guiding employees through situations and important moments. Looking ahead, the integration of AI promises to revolutionize how information and company content is managed and shared with employees.
Mastering stakeholder engagement 1

Essential Internal Socialization Practices for Effective AI HR Technology Acquisition

Let’s dive into the art of obtaining buy-in for technology procurement decisions and explore effective strategies to accelerate HR technology purchasing in your organization.
Beyond traditional measurement of roi purple

Re-Imagine Return on Investment (ROI) in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

This article explores how organizations can rethink ROI and foster collaboration between Finance and HR to drive sustainable growth and improve employee experiences.
Company templates

Company Policies: Templates to Create a Healthy Workplace in 2024

It’s about building a workplace that survives and thrives— where employees feel valued and supported. Here is a set of HR templates and resources aimed to navigate people operations on this journey.
Templates tips for manager development

Management Development: Navigating the Future Success Through Tips & Templates

Imagine an organization where everyone is in the same boat, rowing harmoniously towards a common goal. Here are templates and resources to help strengthen management development.

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